A common oversight with Interior Design is the important role that artwork plays in the final outcome of your work.  Artwork should never be an afterthought as it’s the last finishing touch that pulls your entire space together on any design project.

Designers who may be undervaluing the artwork are missing a major design opportunity.  There are a number of things that artwork can add to any space including but not limited to:

Use of color is probably one of the more crucial aspects of artwork design. This is done through complimenting the existing color palette in the space or adding that extra pop of color on the wall that might be needed. Color can be used vibrantly on the wall to make a statement or it can be used more subtly to invoke a consistent mood or feel of the space. The options are limitless……

Art can also act as a focal point to bring your space together through the actual placement of the piece itself in the proper location or perhaps to ground a setting or grouping of furniture. It can act as a mood or feel accelerant as well as maintaining a sense of style throughout any space. Art adds a personal touch that should appeal to the end users likes, taste or style.

Open walls also create great benefit in maximizing the usage of the art itself. This can be done through the actual size of the art, the hanging orientation of the art or usage of the number of pieces of art in a space. There are no standards to meet or specific guidelines to use so the options are endless.

Another benefit for designer’s is the ability to use custom art, as opposed to buying prebuilt art from catalogs. Catalog art is typically great for accent pieces here and there but using custom made art for your more prominent pieces is what will set you apart from everyone else. This will guarantee the look you will need to finish off the space through usage of the proper materials to assure that finishing touch. Custom art also allows the flexibility of hitting the price point you want to be in as you are creating your own piece from scratch. This is really the best way to assure any final design of a space.

With thousands of art options between the imagery itself, the medium or printing the images and the matting and framing selections that are available; a designer can leave their personal mark through artwork on every project and can be one of the most important steps in your design process.

I invite you to let Patrick Allen Fine Art inspire your next design project through our readily available art that can be checked out on approval from our showroom wall to working with me personally to create those one of kind custom pieces that you need in completing your space.

Beautiful art is our passion……Quality and consistency is our Mission……Profits and exceeding client’s expectations are ‘your’ benefit.

Welcome to Patrick Allen fine Art !!

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