With distinct pleasure ADG Home is pleased to announce our partnership with Lexington Home Brands!  ADG Home strives to form relationships with vendors whose innovative and distinctive products add beauty and value to the homes and businesses of our wide array of clients.  In our continuing effort to bring you the best value, we’re fortunate to establish our newest partnership with Lexington Home Brands.

Lexington offers a wide range of quality and elegance in furnishings for any room, as well as, a very unique custom sofa program referred to as the “Personal Design Series.”  This program has been developed to help our customers design custom upholstery that will be the centerpiece of any great living space.  You will find designing a custom piece has been simplified following Lexington’s 9-step process including the “Final Touch” options that allow you to add your own personal design flair with no added cost.  This gives you the flexibility of truly customizing while staying on budget with a quality Lexington piece that will add beauty to any room. For more information, call us at 770-447-9308.

Fastrack ProgramLexington is also part of our “Fastrack” program offering some of Lexington’s best-selling frames and fabrics that can ship on an expedited basis.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living
Through Lexington Home Brands, ADG Home now has access to their well-known Tommy Bahama Brand, a legendary brand of quality that adds luxury and grandeur to any outdoor living space.  Tommy Bahama also offers a beautiful and sophisticated line of home furnishings lending sumptuous quality to any room.

Fastrack ProgramBe sure to ask us about the Tommy Bahama products that qualify for our “Fastrack” program.

Sligh Office and Media Designs
The Sligh Brand is also now available through our partnership with Lexington Home Brands.  This line has become a staple in home office and entertainment design, and you now have access to this vast line of products as well.  Visit ADG Home today for a more beautiful home tomorrow!

Need more information about the services Atlanta Design Group offers? Call us today to set up an appointment. We will give you a complete tour and overview of our products and services. See how we can save you time and money on your next project. 770-447-9308