“Mark, on the road and will take time to respond with greater detail later, but your team was AWESOME. Best I’ve worked with – above and beyond my expectations. Truly exceptional.
Thank you SO much for accommodating us on such short notice.”
Kelly, The Preston Partnership

“They did a wonderful job! We were expecting great things, and I think they actually exceeded our expectations.”
 Erin, Sarah Catherine Collective

At TriMarc Installation, we understand the importance of the installation process. For the Interior Designer, this is the final, yet most important stage of the design process. This is when all the hard work and planning comes together. Our professional installers understand this importance and work with Designers to make this process as smooth as possible.

Count on our experienced Installation and Warehouse Teams to work together to bring you beautiful Model Homes on-time and within budget. Let’s face it successful model home installations depend solely on how product is processed from the time of receipt until product is loaded on the trucks.  Our Receiving personnel routinely inspects and labels each of the products received with the model name and room designation so the on-site installation crews can set-up each room per the finished floor plans without constant direction from the Designer.

TriMarc Project Managers keep you updated through our on-line receiving reports as product is received in our warehouse.  We coordinate all damages to ensure that all product meets the installation deadlines.  We keep you updated using excel spreadsheets which identify all products by model and room which can be viewed 24/7 using our live online portal.

TriMarc loads the products into our trucks so our on-site installation crews can unload the products in sequence.  We load mattresses first, then furniture and accessories and rugs last as we place the rugs first, then the major pieces of furniture, then mattresses and lastly we unbox the accessories. Our warehouse personnel assemble flat-packs at our warehouse in lieu of onsite assembly in an effort to streamline the installation process.

Under the direction of our Lead Installer, TriMarc routinely handles the following on-site:

TriMarc can also handle your de-installs.  We supply all of the packing materials required to safely pack and wrap all furniture and accessories.  We create an inventory of all the products to include the model name, room location as well as a description of the products.  Additionally, we can take digital photos and upload for reference if you want to re-use on future models.

TriMarc delivers custom solutions and strives to provide superior value at competitive prices and delivers outstanding service and flexibility while also providing highly personalized solutions to ensure our clients are successful.
For more information on how Trimarc Installations can assist you on your next project, contact:

David Kreger, Trimarc General Manager
770-447-9308 ext.111

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