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ADG Design Studio is a Division of Atlanta Design Group

ADG Design Studio is a dynamic team with the vision to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of architectural interior design and space planning challenges. With over 50 years of combined experience focusing on commercial and residential environments, we have made it a goal to build and restore spaces in collaboration with the client that stimulates the user and compliments the vision.

The ADG Studio Advantage

What sets ADG Design Studio apart from its competition is its affiliation with Atlanta Design Group’s (ADG) brands and services. ADG is a full-service interior-design and design-build support company made up of multiple specialized brands offering numerous products and services supporting the interior design trade. Atlanta Design Group covers all the bases, specialized marketing; furniture and accessories; outdoor living; kitchen & bath; specialty construction products, fine art and framing, lighting solutions and installation and logistics services.

ADG Studio Directors

Denim Jeans

Amy Gleghorn

Director of Interior Design



Denim Jeans

Zoe Berger

Director of Interior Design




architectural interior design and space planning multifamily commercial

Commercial Design

Our Design Team provides full-service commercial interior design services for a variety of commercial projects including Multi-Family Housing, Student Housing, Mixed-Use and Tenant Improvement projects. ADG Design Studio proudly considers Multi-Family design as its greatest attribute. By creating distinctive multi-family interiors with bold, iconic designs, these uniquely designed properties reward Developers while at the same time providing residents with a place to call home.

Hospitality Design

Whether it’s breathing new life into an iconic space or creating a new brand identity, ADG Design Studio designs solutions for Hotels and Restaurants bringing long-term value to our clients while welcoming guests with unique and exceptional experiences. We incorporate creative space planning ideas with cutting-edge design to create a lasting impression.

Multi-Family Design

Design begins with a deep understanding of community living. We are experts at working alongside a development team through the customary stages of construction, then delivering an interior project scope on time and within budget.  Our Multi-family team works with real estate developers, owners and investors on properties and model homes in both new construction and renovation.

architectural interior design and space planning commercial landscape

Landscape Design

When it comes to communities, landscape design delivers the first impression within mere seconds. It welcomes. It invites. It says, “Hello, this is a place you should call home.” ADG Design Studio produces innovative designs that interweave functional and aesthetic issues of the project with the economic, architectural and physical site conditions to create unique environments. Our goal is to blend the exterior landscape with interiors welcoming residents with a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor.

architectural interior design and space planning commercial renovations


ADG provides a full spectrum of renovation services for multifamily and commercial properties, precisely aligned with the ROI goals of our clients. Renovations not only improve the appeal and marketability of properties but also add long-term value. Interior and exterior renovations help make any property more functional and energy-efficient and enable owners to customize their assets according to the latest market demands.

architectural interior design and space planning lighting design

Lighting Design

Lighting Design is both inherently functional and innately aesthetic. ADG’s Lighting Designers understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design and rely on their extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to ensure high-quality design in the built environment. Our LED lighting solutions specify cost-effective and energy-efficient LED products while creating an innovative lighting scheme that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Our comprehensive LED portfolio covers all your lighting needs for residential, multi-family, offices and hospitality including indoor and outdoor projects.

architectural interior design and space planning manufacturing specialty products


Our in-house manufacturing capabilities sets us apart from our competition as it gives us the ability to do our own R&D and develop custom products and solutions to provide unique products to our customers accomplishing specific goals for any project.

The Process

architectural interior design and space planning commercial design


  • Demographics
  • Market Research
  • Design Intent
  • Visioning
architectural interior design and space planning


  • Demographics
  • Market Research
  • Design Intent
  • Visioning
architectural interior design and space planning


  • Principal Contact
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Furniture Layout
  • Finish Plans & Presentation
  • Elevations
  • Pricing & Budget
architectural interior design and space planning

Construction Documentation

  • Principal Contact
  • Coordination of Disciplines
  • Completed Contract Documents
  • Elevations
  • Sections & Details
  • FF&E Selection
architectural interior design and space planning


  • Principal Contact
  • Field Coordination
  • Submittals
  • RFI’s
  • Final Punch List
  • Furniture Installation
architectural interior design and space planning


  • Contact
  • Budget
  • Selections
  • Finish Selection
  • Purchasing
  • Warehousing
architectural interior design and space planning logistics, delivery and installation


  • Principal Contact
  • Scheduling
  • On-site Management

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