Today with the introduction of LED and Controls technology, lighting is more than a simple light fixture and a bulb. Lighting is a system. Lighting systems help people feel comfortable, productive and safe. As leaders in the LED technology revolution, ADG creates lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance the brand, encourage social interactions and revitalize communities.

At ADG Lighting, we have the deep expertise and range of systems to transform your goals into effective lighting applications. You can count on ADG to understand your goals and to help you specify and execute solutions that ensure the ideal lighting for your specific lighting needs.


We are a team of lighting designers, specifiers, and energy-efficient experts with a combined 50+ years experience in providing lighting and control systems.

We can help you with:

  • Light smarter – do more with less
  • Safety and Security
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • In-Unit Lighting
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Environmentally Green/Green Marketing
  • Improve and enhance the look of your building/facility

The Impact of LED Lighting

In The Multifamily Industry

We understand multifamily property development, and the high risk/high reward nature of the business.

We know your #1 goal is to maximize rental income and minimize operating expenses. This is achieved by maintaining high occupancy rates, attracting and retaining good tenants. Do you know how influential lighting factors into this equation?

The proper lighting allows you to make your property safe, secure & beautiful, all while reducing energy and significantly minimizing maintenance, ultimately increasing the value and desirability to potential tenants.”

LED retrofits are one of the easiest and fastest ways to begin a strategy toward greater energy efficiency at a community. Payback for such implementation can be rapid and this helps to increase the property’s value.

LED’s are now a time-tested and proven solution for reducing energy costs and they are working even better and at a lower cost every day.

ADG can help make LED installations or retrofits as easy as they sound while delivering on the promise of long-term savings for the assets.

Quick Return On Investment (ROI)

LED projects typically pay back their investment quickly, within 1 year to 1.5 years, meaning a speedier delivery of financial returns compared to other financial investments. Even if a community is on the market, the quick payback period often means that LED project can delivery additional revenue at the time of sale. LED’s can be calculated with a market CAP rate to ensure that the project yields an even larger financial outcome when the site is sold!

For example, if an average LED project costs approximately $25,000 and that project saves a community $15,000 annually while under management, the project can be worth another $325,000 at disposition when calculating and 8 percent CAP rate.

Did You Know?

By replacing 10 existing 65-watt incandescent light bulbs with our LED retrofit kits, you will see 82% wattage savings per year for these 10 recessed downlights.


Tenants  seeking luxury rental properties expect wellplanned design and features throughout the space. Energy efficient downlights through-out the living space provide versatility for furniture placement and personalized décor. Modern, decorative fixtures add a level of sophistication to the space, making it more desirable to tenants and potential owners.


Today’s multifamily complexes have more and more amenities to attract tenants. These common spaces require specific lighting needs that must meet local commercial codes and regulations. Spaces such as lobbies, business centers, leasing offices and game rooms, prefer more decorative lighting to highlight the architecture and design of the space. Remember, these spaces are often the first impression a potential tenant has of the interior of the building. Many tenants look for a modern, well-maintained, well-lit space that confirms the property’s emphasis on effective property management, trendy amenities and security.

Did You Know?

At the very minimum, our LED fixtures have an expected life of 35 years. That is 12,775 days of guaranteed light and 0 changed light bulbs. Reduced maintenance allows you to employ a lean staff while giving you the confidence that there are no burnt out light bulbs and dark areas on your property.

Meet building code and save money by integrating controls to light smarter. Building codes often mandate that common spaces be lit 24 hours per day. Large savings can be realized by reducing the total power consumption of lighting by pairing LED fixtures with controls.


Safety and security in interior hallways is just as important as outdoors. Well-positioned general illumination eliminates dark shadows and corners, proactively reducing crime. Reliable exit and emergency fixtures guide tenants to safety in conditions where reactive actions are necessary.


Community amenities such as pools, playgrounds, tennis courts and clubhouses help set the community apart and attract owners and tenants. Lighting these spaces with LED’s ensures years of maintenance-free high-quality lighting. Enhance safety and security in the shared community spaces with motion-sensing LED lighting.


We know the multifamily industry is a competitive market. Catching the eye of potential tenants and owners is getting increasingly difficult. New residents are looking for a safe place to live that is also affordable, clean, and conveniently located. Effective outdoor lighting is a crucial key in deterring crime. Effective lighting can make a property more desirable by both highlighting architectural features and providing security lighting around the property to enhance safety.


Community amenities such as pools, playgrounds, tennis courts and clubhouses help set the community apart and attract owners and tenants. Lighting these spaces with LED’s  ensures years of maintenance-free high-quality lighting. Enhance safety and security in the shared community spaces with motion-sensing LED lighting.


Crime rate is associated with decreasing property values, decreasing neighbor perceptions and increasing resident instability. The #1 deterrent to crime is lighting. Security experts have identified that well lit spaces have lower crime rates while also increasing tenants’ community confidence.

Did You Know?

Tenants are willing to pay more in rent to live where they feel secure. Top 5 factors when considering an apartment or rental home.

Living In A Safe Area With

A Low Crime Rate

Living In A Safe Area With A Low Crime Rate

Living Near Their Job Or School

Must Allow Pets




of all burglaries are residential


perceive that apartment complexes have higher crime rates than single family homes


of survey respondents said neighborhood crime rate influences where they choose to live

What Is The Next Step?

An ADG Energy Audit!

Lighting & Controls Audit

Data Organization & Analysis

Application Design & Engineering

Detailed Proposal

What Does ADG Expect Of You?

  • We will have questions, so we need quick and accurate responses.
  • Access to your facility to conduct an accurate audit.
  • 2 - 3 of your electric bills to analyze historical data.
  • A willingness to take the next step and start saving money.

What Should You Expect Of ADG?

  • To conduct the audit in an efficient yet accurate manner and time frame.
  • To listen to you when working on your project to ensure your end goals are achieved.
  • To be accessible to answer your questions.
  • A professional who is knowledgeable of both the existing lighting fixtures & controls and the proposed lighting & controls package.
  • A detailed proposal that saves you both energy and money in your facility.
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