How Parimatch hasn't been withdrawing money to a punter for over a year. Endless verification

How Parimatch hasn't been withdrawing money to a punter for over a year. Endless verification

$1 deposit casino new zealandHow Parimatch has not withdrawn money to the punter for over a year. Endless verification 4 comments You have never seen such a mockery on a punter. A story that deserves a separate post. Unfortunately it so happened that on July 27, 2020 !!! Ales Brumen was lucky to hit the Divine Fortune jackpot at PariMatch casino quite quickly with a deposit of 4000 euros (at the time of winning the jackpot, it had already been verified and there were already withdrawals from the casino) Before that, he had even won another jackpot and withdrawn it. Incredible luck, but it was not there %s... A small part of the jackpot began to be paid at daily limits, but then they stopped. 7 Aug 2020 the punter is disabled from withdrawal. Now he cannot make a withdrawal request. He wrote them more than 40 letters so that they could somehow explain the payment situation to him, they told him about checks of"gaming activity", about technical difficulties and postponed the decision time, now by 72 hours, now by 14 days several times. 16 Sep 2020: Ales receives a letter that the verification was successful and he can withdraw the winnings. But in fact, nothing has changed! The punter never got the opportunity to make withdrawal requests %s... 8 oct. 2020: Player writes to mail for complaints Curacao [email protected] Oct 21. 2020: Curacao Complaints Division replied! (surprisingly) From Curacao, they write to the Parimatch casino admins to respond to the punter's complaint. October 30, 2020: Parimatch replies that since August 10, 2020 the punter is being verified (i.e. at that time almost 3 months have passed) and therefore the withdrawal option is blocked for him. And this all happens according to the rules (clause 85), because the verification timeline is"configured individually" for each punter %s... November 3, 2020: Parimatch casino support asks the punter the following questions: Does the punter (his friends, relatives) have experience in software development? What was his motivation for making a bet at the exact time when he won the jackpot? And why didn't you place your bets at other times? November 5, 2020: Ales Brumen replies that he has no experience in software development. And he played jackpots at that time because he saw that he was big enough and therefore he wanted to try to win it. And so it happened. In this letter attaches all requested scans of documents. On this topic, Yggdrasil Jackpot TopUp - casinos will be able to replenish the jackpot themselves on November 9th. Parimatch: Documents accepted. Expect January 6 !!!! 2021. Problem not resolved %s... The casino is completely ignored. 15 Feb 21: Problem not resolved. From casinos (and from Curacao), complete ignore. March 29th 21: Problem not resolved. From casinos (and from Curacao), complete ignore. April 1, 21: There is a response from Parimatch Casino! Verification completed! You can withdraw money! But in reality this is not the case on Apr 22. 21g. Ales writes to Curaçao Complaints Service about this: He still cannot make withdrawal requests %s.$1 deposit free spins nz.. May 1, 21: Parimatch is required to send: passport photo and selfie with passport. On the same day, all documents were sent. Parimatch: Thanks for the documents, await verification. May 7: Parimatch requires a passport photo in the best quality, at least 2000 * 3000px On the same day, all documents were sent. Parimatch: Thanks for the documents, await verification. May 18: Problem not resolved. From casinos (and from Curacao) complete ignore %s... May 26: The punter once again reminds of a letter that the problem has not been resolved. From casinos (and from Curacao), complete ignore. Then the punter scored, because he thought that he was"thrown" for money ... But it was not there, the story does not end on this On one of the forums I saw a message about this situation and asked this punter to write a complaint on my website, because their a representative just came to me with an offer of cooperation. October 20, 2021: After six months of ignoring letters from the punter (and more than a year since winning the jackpot), the complaint was written: 21: A representative informs that the punter asked to send a selfie with a passport in the background of email correspondence with the support service in a higher quality. The punter sends them a photo. Oct 25 %s.: The casino support is not satisfied with the quality of the photo, it is not satisfied with the PNG photo format (they only accept JPG). They say that the passport itself is poorly readable, it needs to be clearer. On the 27th, I ask the punter Ales Brumen to duplicate all the photos sent to the support to me by mail, if it's not difficult for him. He sends a new photo to support and me. In my subjective opinion, everything is clearly readable in the new photo (but I'm not an expert of the security service), but Parimatch doesn't like such a photo, they need “slightly better” lighting. The punter sends a selfie with a passport in his hands, in front of him is a laptop with an email correspondence with the Parimatch support. And all this is on the street, so that there are no complaints about the lighting. 9th November 21y %s.: The support of Parimatch casino requires once again a passport photo (but no longer a selfie) The punter sends. November 13: We need more time to check your photo, wait - a casino representative writes. …. At the time of this writing (November 20, 2021), the casino support is not satisfied with a passport scan with a resolution of 1538 * 2048px (where everything is clearly visible, I personally saw this scan) - the support wants the punter to send a file in a resolution of more than 2000 * 3000px (the story is looped May 7, 2021). We are following the situation here: beg the punter not to give up and not give up. Almost 1.5 years have passed ...

Please Submit a job scope to schedule your trimarc install or delivery.


Please notify us via fax at (770) 447 – 9368 or email at [email protected] of shipments you are scheduling for us, identifying the carrier and shipper prior to the shipment arriving at our location.

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Customer Pick-ups: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 3:30PM (Closed 12PM – 1:00PM).Minimum 24-hour notice for customer pick-up.

Receiving Rates:

  • Inspection Fee:$10 per item
  • Receiving Fee:$10 per item
  • Uncrating Inspection Charge: $35
  • Storage Rates:$2.00 per square ft. (first 60 days FREE), assessed on first of month

If TriMarc Installation pays COD Freight, a 15% handling fee will apply.

full-service "white-glove" installation and logistics
full-service "white-glove" installation and logistics

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Minimum 24-hour notice for customer pick-up.

$10/piece dock charge for pick-up by another carrier or customer pick-up.

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If you need specialized installation services for your project, look no further than TriMarc Installation. We have the experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

If purchasing through ADG Interiors, a brand of Atlanta Design Group:

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  • $15,000 receive two Free hours of installation
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    • The one hour cannot be split up.
    • Balance of invoice must be paid in full before TriMArc can schedule and install.
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  • Free receiving will be provided:Upon receipt, we will open, inspect and blanket wrap each piece, remove cartons and await further instructions. A Receiving Report of the pieces received will be faxed or emailed to the client within eight business hours of receipt. We do this for non ADG Home items too.

Other Charges and Fees

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  • Fuel Charge: None
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  • Trip Charge: $35 flat fee per trip within the metro Atlanta area
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  • Cancellation Fee:A $100.00 cancellation fee per scheduled hour for installations, deliveries, or on-site pickups if cancelled within 36 BUSINESS hours of scheduled appointment.
  • Crating Fees: $75.00 per crate

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Regular Overtime (after 8 hours)
One man and a truck: $80/hour $110/hour
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Three men and a truck: $155/hour $210/hour
Four men and a truck: $190/hour $255/hour
Four men and TWO trucks: $220/hour $285/hour
Five men and TWO trucks: $260/hour $335/hour
Six men and TWO trucks: $295/hour $380/hour
Additional men: +$40/hour +$50/hour
Additional truck: +$30/hour +$30/hour
full-service "white-glove" installation and logistics
full-service "white-glove" installation and logistics

Freight Service

We have negotiated competitive freight rates with regional and national freight carriers. Take advantage of our discounts by using our freight carriers to ship. We can arrange to ship your items to and from our facility. TriMarc Installation is invoiced directly eliminating the need for CODs. Please visit our Contact Us page or call us at (770) 447 – 9308 for your next shipment.

Delivery & Pickup Rates:

  • For Trips Inside of I-285:$65 for up to three items $10 for each additional items
  • For Trips Outside of I-285:$95 for up to three items $10 for each additional items

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It happens, and we can help!

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  • Finish Repairs
  • Color Matching
  • Scratch Repair
  • Antique Restoration & Refinishing

Crypton Fabric Protection Service:

Chairs: $20 – $59
Sofas: $79 – $89
Sectionals: $169 – $207

Please call (770) 447-9308 to learn about our furniture repair service.

full-service "white-glove" installation and logistics
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